Atlas Coffee Club Review: For the Best Subscription Box

Have you ever heard of the term ‘coffee traveler’? If we could describe the Atlas Coffee Club in a few words, that is the term.

This subscription program curates the finest of the finest coffee beans from all over the world- Costa Rica, Brazil, Indonesia, Ethiopia, and other countries. In fact, the founders pride themselves on importing exotic coffees from 50+ countries!

Now you understand why people are talking about this coffee subscription program. It sure does stand out from the rest!

Atlas Coffee Club Review
Atlas Coffee Club Review

In this Atlas Coffee Club Review, we will dive into the world of international coffee and what factors you should be watching out for when buying the best coffee subscription!

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Coffee Subscription?

Modern problems include choosing the right selection from a wide range of possibilities. In the same way, picking out the right coffee subscription for yourself can be tough.

We understand that that is why we have prepared this crucial buying guide. Let this Atlas Coffee Club Review help you make decisions wisely.


When you’re out hunting for the best coffee subscription, you should know which brand offers the best customization options.

It is absolutely essential to know how you will receive your coffee, how much you get per order, whether it is ground or whole beans, strong or weak, with added flavor or raw, etc.

Some companies will even choose the right coffee for you if you just take a survey to answer some basic questions. In this way, the coffee professionals decide for you what you might like best.

In saying so, the Atlas Coffee Club lets you make your pick from their substantial collection of coffee beans. Although we discuss the options below, you can take a look beforehand by clicking the link!


You can choose from a half bag (15 cups of coffee), a single bag (30 cups), or a double bag (60 cups). As you can guess, the double bags are for heavy drinkers and a large family. If you drink a cup of coffee every day, then ordering a single bag for the month is enough.


You can receive them in 2 weeks or 4 weeks, depending on the amount you consume. If you end up running out of coffee sooner than expected, you’ll get another one within 2 weeks’ time!

Roast Preference

Isn’t this the most important part of the selection process? Atlas Coffee Club lets you choose from these options- light to medium, medium to dark, and all types.

Light roasts are light in color, soft, and flavorful. Citrus, fruity, and berry flavors suit these roasts.

Meanwhile, medium roasts are brownish, round, mildly acidic, intense, but sweet.

Finally, the dark roasts are dark, oily, slightly acidic, and deep. Chocolate, caramel, and nutty flavors complement dark roasts really well.

Grind Type

There are only two options available with the Atlas Coffee Club- whole bean and ground. Buy whole beans only if you have an automatic espresso machine or a coffee percolator at home.
Otherwise, choose ground coffee as it is more convenient. However, whole beans, when brewed after ground, taste fresher.

Brewing Tips

Just because you like to have exquisite coffee doesn’t mean you know how to brew them the right way.

That is why Atlas Coffee Club sends you brewing tips along with the order, so you brew the coffee in ways that bring its full flavor and aroma. It is especially important when you are receiving coffee beans from different cultures of the world.

They also have an online brewing guide where you can learn how to make espresso and coffee without a machine, how to store the coffee you bought, and some useful tips.

Special Features

One of their most popular features is the “Coffee of the Month,” where you receive selective bags of coffee from a different country every month. How cool is that?

You go through the same ordering process, but get a bag full of love every month with interesting postcards and brewing recommendations!

Furthermore, please make the most of their gift subscriptions that range from 3 to 12 months. Visit here for details.

Other than that, the subscription program also offers a coffee brewing guide, coffee articles, and posts other fun facts for their fans. So, do check them out!


Atlas Coffee Club procures and delivers freshly ground, amazing gourmet coffee to every customer without failing to meet their expectations. It is hard to find someone who had a bad experience with their coffee and service.


Nobody is complaining when it comes to the cost of a coffee per bag. However, shipping is not free.

Within the United States, they charge a little. But shipping overseas can be super expensive.

Besides, they often have discounts on goods, so make sure you take advantage of that. Overall, the price is alright for a sack of high-quality, gourmet coffee with an international feel.

Fair Trade

Atlas Coffee Club supports the farmers and pays them well for the hard work of procuring excellent quality coffee beans. They support the sustainable operation of business throughout the supply chain.

Hence, this answers one question in your mind. Yes, they practice fair trade.


In our opinion, Atlas Coffee Club rates ten out of ten in terms of quality, service, offers, and customization. Although you won’t be needing it, if you do, you can cancel the subscription with them anytime.

However, you will miss the experience. Because how else can you taste Kenyan coffee in Georgia or Brazilian coffee in Utah without traveling to those places?

Or wake up to a mug full of international love without the tax and jet lag?

You get the point.

So, don’t miss out on this amazing experience. We hope you enjoyed our Atlas Coffee Club review. Subscribe today!

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