Best Cold Brew Coffee Beans: To Start Your Day Fresh

Marketing competition has created more confusion for customers. Now there are so many brands of cold brew coffee that consumers have trouble picking the right one. Due to immense optionality, people are now relying on online reviews and buying guides to get help to make decisions. Not that we mind helping you. In fact, we love it!

Therefore, in this review, we are discussing the best cold brew coffees that you can get in the market today. No, we don’t want you to spend a significant amount of money and time on purchasing a cold brew coffee maker and coffee grounds.

You can just order canned cold brew coffees with interesting flavors and wait until they arrive at your doorstep. Then the only thing left is to serve and enjoy it!

So, let us help you make the right pick!

Best Cold Brew Coffee Beans

List of the Best Cold Brew Coffees

1. Starbucks Nitro Cold Brew Coffee (Pack of 8)

Starbucks Nitro Cold Brew, Black Unsweetened, 9.6 fl oz Can (8 Pack)

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2. High Brew Cold Brew Coffee (Pack of 12)

High Brew Cold Brew Coffee, Creamy Cappuccino + Protein, 8 Ounce Can (12 Count)

3. RISE Brewing Co. Cold Brew Latte (Pack of 12)

Oat Milk Mocha Nitro Cold Brew Latte

RISE Brewing Co. | Oat Milk Mocha Nitro Cold Brew Latte 7 fl. oz. Cans (12 Pack)

4. La Colombe Cold Brew Coffee (Pack of 12)

La Colombe Cold Brew Coffee – Brazilian – Medium Roast, Single-Origin – Pure Black Coffee Grab And Go

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5. CHAMELEON Organic Espresso Cold Brew Coffee (Pack of 1)

This is a great question! Our coffees are all shelf-stable, which is why we are able to store and ship products un-refrigerated. You’re probably wondering how we are able to do this. For starters, no preservatives are added; we flash-heat the cold brew quickly before it goes out to kill off any bacteria, and the air-safe bag keeps it fresh outside of the fridge!

If the box is unopened, it can be left at room temp for up to 60 days. Once it’s been opened, though, it should be refrigerated and served cold!

Wandering Bear Organic Cold Brew Coffee Tap, Straight Black, No Sugar, and Ready to Drink, 96 fl oz

Buying Guide: Best Cold Brew Coffees

Buyers need some help when it comes to picking the right kind of products for themselves. That is why we have prepared this comprehensive buying guide so that you can know more about the best cold brew coffees and pick your favorite!

Roast Type

Typically, cold brew coffees are made from darker roasts. However, lighter roasts are more flavorful when you use them for cold brews.

You should know that in comparison to darker roasts, the lighter ones are cheaper, retain more acidity, taste sweeter, and contain more caffeine.

Therefore, it is advisable that you understand your preference before shopping for cold brews. If you don’t like too much caffeine and have problems with acidity, we recommend you to get the cold brews made from lighter roasts.


Making cold brews can be a challenge, if done the wrong way, the coffee may turn out bitter and too acidic. Nevertheless, due to the nature of how cold water and hot water combine with coffee grounds, cold water tends to extract less of the bitterness from the beans.

The best cold brew coffees will taste sweet and less acidic. Plus, cool and pleasing.

Starbucks offers 3 flavors- black unsweetened, vanilla sweet cream, and dark caramel.

High Brew as 2- creamy cappuccino and milk chocolate.

The RISE Brewing Co. has 4 flavors (lucky you)- originally black, oat milk latte, oat milk mocha, and classic latte.

Brewing Methods

A good brand will mention its brewing methods on the labels of the products. If not, you can get more information about how they brew their cold brews on their websites.

Usually, cold brews are made using two brewing methods- immersion and cold drip.


This process requires coarse coffee grounds to be immersed in cold water for as long as 12 to 24 hours. Once they have fully immersed, the grounds are strained and served for drinking!

Cold Drip

In this method, cold water is dripped into a container that contains the coffee grounds. Compared to immersion, cold drip takes less time, only about 3 to 5 hours.

Due to the difference in how the coffee combines with cold water and the time taken to finish brewing, a cold drip cold brew coffee has a lighter body, contrary to cold coffee brewed through immersion.

Grind Type

When it comes to making the best cold brew coffee, the size of the grind plays a big role. The most favorable grind type for cold brew coffees is the coarse grind.

There are reasons why coarse grinds make better cold brews. They are less bitter than fine grinds, it doesn’t form a layer at the bottom of the container, and are much easier to strain in contrast to fine grinds.

Whether you buy cold brews from stores or make one for yourself at home, now you know a big tip!


When it comes to servings, the more, the better. Although there are brands that are offering 8 to 12 cans of cold brew coffees at a time for purchase, don’t get fooled by the numbers! Make sure to check the fluid ounce of each can or bottle. 

Starbucks may be offering 8 cans in one purchase, but the fluid ounce of each can is 9.6. On the other hand, High Brew is offering 12 cans of 8 fluid ounces per purchase.

RISE Brewing Co. has the highest flavor options, but a can contains about 7 fluid ounces of flavored cold brew. The good news is you get 12 cans per purchase!

KIRKLAND SIGNATURE contains the most amount of fluid ounce per can (11 fluid ounces per can). You also get a pack of 12! Lastly, one bottle of CHAMELEON cold brew contains  32 fluid ounces of cold brew.

So, you can either buy can-wise or bottle-wise.

Single Origin or Coffee Blends

It is purely your preference whether you want your cold brew raw or mixed with other flavorings.

Some may like to have vanilla, caramel, cappuccino, latte, chocolates, and other good stuff in their cold brews, while others enjoy the raw and unrefined cold brew.

In any case, when you are brewing cold brews at home, stick to a single origin. That is because the cold water in cold brews can’t extract the full coffee flavor from the grounds like hot water.

Final Thoughts

The world of cold brew coffee is an interesting world, indeed.

What type of cold brews do you enjoy most? Share in the comments below!

Whether you like your cold brew flavored or non-flavored, in cans, bottles, or homemade- one thing is for sure that we love our cold brews!

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