Why Does Coffee Make You Poop?

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages out there. It’s difficult to find individuals who haven’t tried it at least once in their lives. Most people can’t even start their days right without a sip of fresh coffee in the morning. Then during their breaks when they need a jump start. If you are one of an unlucky 3 in 10, your morning Joe has you wondering “Why does coffee make me poop?” Well, fellow coffee lover, wonder no more.

why does coffee make you poop?
Why Does Coffee Make You Poop?

Coffee as Laxative & Everything in Between

It’s a universally loved liquid because of the magical boost of freshness it provides instantaneously in our dull uninspiring times. The aroma and taste of roasted coffee beans with antioxidant and nutritional value make people more active and aware.

A cup of coffee has got plenty to offer us. The aromatic beverage comes with plenty of health benefits, which makes it a great alternative for less healthy carbonated drinks or alcohol.

You can have a hot coffee while it’s cold outside and a cold one during the rising temperatures. Receive the same advantages with some atmospheric soothing effects.

Fresh brews can conveniently be availed in most parts of the world without going too far which makes it even easier for coffee lovers to include it in their daily routines.

What Are Laxatives?

Coffee beans are produced in more than 70 countries in the globe currently. And they’ve become one of the world’s most traded agricultural commodities for their high demand.

But there is more than that that meets the eye when it comes to our favorite refreshments. Coffee makes most of the people poop soon after taking it! Yeah, you know what we’re talking about.

It’s a very common scenario to visit the restrooms after your morning coffee which, in part, helps to bring that refreshing vibe in you.

But sometimes, when you’re outside or on the road, or just in a hurry, that can turn out to be quite an unwelcoming encounter times too. And we’re here to talk about exactly that today.

So Why Does Coffee Make You Have To Poop?

Caffeine, the main ingredient of your coffee, is a great energy booster. But it also stimulates bile production causing contractions in your colon. Intestinal muscles (peristalsis) push your urge to visit your happy place.

The stomach, gallbladder, and bowels are some of the gastrointestinal tracts that can be activated by coffee making regular poop. Contractions in the distal colon propel the food leftovers towards the rectum, the final section of your digestive tract.

In fact, caffeine makes the colon 60% more active than water and 23% more active than decaf coffee.

That means a decaf would be the perfect solution to that if your prompt bowel movements are an issue, right? Not as much as you think, unfortunately. Many decaf fans also go through a similar experience as do normal coffee drinkers.

So clearly, there are more elements at play here which brings us to chlorogenic acids. And N-alkanoyl-5-hydroxytryptamine, two more components readily available in your coffee.

Research has found that these items trigger the production of stomach acid and higher the level of gastric acid existent in your intestines which help swirl the food and move it quickly through the gut.

As these chemicals are absorbed into the bloodstream, they stimulate muscle contractions in the lower colon promoting bowel movements.

Improves Physical Performance

Magnesium and oil are some additional components present in coffee that result in colon contractions. Some other factors can prompt the same effect. The act of drinking can generally make the colon more active.

This is known as the gastrocolic reflex, a process that continues down from the stomach to the small intestine to finally, the colon. It’s the same one that activates the colon after a meal.

Additionally, your circadian rhythm or the inner body clock, which regulates your sleep. And digestion cycles can also play a role in it. If you’re taking your coffee in the morning and feeling that pressure in your abdomen.

This might be because your colons become twice as active right after you wake up than during sleep. Coffee is simply a minor stimulant. However, that’s just theory.

On the other hand, exorphins in coffee often spark the hormones in the body which contributes to the case for poop.

For example,

Levels of the hormone gastrin, which makes the colon active naturally, can be more energized with coffee.

Some studies show that consuming regular or decaf coffee increases the gastrin levels by 2.3 and 1.7 times respectively, compared to drinking plain water.

But gastrin isn’t the only hormone that is influenced by our beverage of interest.

Coffee may also boost the cholecystokinin (CCK) levels, more popularly called the digestive hormone. CCK not only augments the movements of food through the colon.

But it’s also closely associated with the gastrocolic reflex, which makes the colons busier.

Some researchers believe that your regular cup of joy reacts with the toxins in your stomach quickly and eliminates them through defecation (coffee cleansing).

Others claim that java increases rectosigmoid motility (the movement at the intersection of the large colon’s end and the upper rectum) by expanding the blood vessels in the digestive system, increasing blood flow and GI activity in it.

Coffee May Drastically Lower Your Risk of Health

In addition, if you’re someone who likes to add milk, cream, sugar, or other sweeteners to your coffee. That may intensify the bowel movements rapidly. Most people (more than 65%) become lactose intolerant after their childhood which implies that with the first sign of dairy intake.

They’ll feel the urge to release their dump as these ingredients won’t be digested properly. Similarly, if you have an IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome, which is more commonly found in women) or you’re closing to your early 40s, you might be more prone to this ordeal.

However, coffee doesn’t work as a laxative for everyone. For some, it can rather cause constipation and dehydration. It depends on the person, his/her physical health, and any underlying conditions.

As a matter of fact, only one-third of the coffee-drinking population confronts the laxative issue while the majority can’t feel a difference. But of those who do, coffee might act as a diuretic, likewise, for them. This is especially true for long-term coffee drinkers.

Does pooping make you lose weight?

It’s long been a matter of popular interest whether excretion helps one to lose weight. Of course, people feel lighter in their bodies after visiting the washroom. But is that just a temporary natural process that neutralized soon after or does it really have a continual effect on losing body mass?

Turns out, the answer is affirmative for both. It depends on several factors such as your body size, diet, conditions, amount of water you drink, etc. If you’re a heavy eater and your food choices are not that healthy.

Then chances are pooping alone can’t take you anywhere. It works better if you have a more nutritious meal plan and drink plenty of water alongside. But why then do you feel so slimmer after taking dung despite your not-so-healthy conditions?

That’s because it reduces gas and bloating in your system which makes you feel more comfortable right after.

Your feces consist of water, protein, undigested fiber, waste material, salt, fat, deal, and living bacteria. The longer your poop stays in the intestines, the drier and heavier it will become curtailing your chances of losing weight after defecation.

However, even if you have a regular bowel movement, the weight that you lose isn’t very significant. Your weight depends on your body’s stores. And it only falls when your energy intake is less than the energy you’re burning (through exercise).

To truly lose weight,

Ingest more fibers, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fewer carbs, and fat, and drink more water. Besides, the frequency of bowel movements differs for different people.

It may vary from thrice a day to thrice a week and even that is up for arbitration based on traveling, stress, pregnancy, medication, and illness, etc.

Brewed black coffee changes your metabolism rate, makes your washroom visits more regular. And helps you lose weight and maintain that in the long run more effectively.

A coffee diet that includes 1 to 3 cups of additive-free coffee every day. It’s can accelerate the weight loss process as long as you’re following the recommended practice.

Polyphenols, an antioxidant present in coffee decrease inflammation and internal radical damages while diminishing appetite and escalating absorption.

Caffeine is also renowned as a supplement that helps mobilize cellulitis from your fat tissues and burn them effectively.

Theobromine, theophylline, and chlorogenic acid in coffee help slow the absorption of carbs, while caffeine increases the blood levels of the hormone epinephrine (adrenaline) which breaks down the fat elements in your digestive system (releasing fatty acid) and discharge them into your blood.

This makes pooping more frequent and makes it a potent approach to losing weight.

How to Fix It?

As we’ve seen above, not everyone wants to drink coffee as a laxative and it’s also for sure that not everyone wants a weight cut. So how can you prevent these without eliminating coffee from your menu?

For starters, you could ensure that you don’t take in any dairy, sugary supplements, or any other preservatives with your coffee. It’ll help to settle your stomach and mitigate the acidity of the coffee for your poop. In case you can’t take your coffee raw, try non-dairy milk and syrup.

In addition, try to take decaffeinated brew as opposed to the regular ones, or if you don’t prefer that, go for richer coffee with less acidity, like espresso.

You can find many varieties of low-acid coffees in your nearby convenient stores provided that you’re willing to invest some time in reading the labels before making the purchase.

If you have a grinder at home,

Try cold brews instead of hot ones to prepare your coffee as these inherently are less acidic relatively. Moreover, you could add calcium or eggshells (whichever is more accessible) to your drink as their antacid and alkaline characteristics respectively can neutralize the acidic impact of your coffee.

Another, more physical approach, is to hold off on having our coffee until about 2 hours after we wake up. This will give our colon enough time to calm down from its morning rev. Also, make sure that you don’t drink it while exercising or else both will get your gut going.

Attempt to set the activities apart by at least a 75 minutes interval. This will amplify your performance benefits without triggering any digestive issues during the workout. Drinking coffee after a meal, instead of before one, can further your chances to rectify the problem.

If you can put on a daily habit list a cup of coffee sitting in your home after waking up every day. Your poop will be formed just after eating coffee.

Your morning poop will give you a fresh feeling throughout the day and that morning coffee will help you to create energy for the whole day. Seriously I tried it myself and got the same result.

Health Benefits of Coffee

As discussed earlier, if you want to unlock the ultimate advantages of coffee, you should, by default, opt for black coffee. Here are some of the more apparent benefits that you can achieve from enjoying your coffee in black regularly.

Improved cognition

Having black coffee in the morning enhances brain function, helps in boosting memory power, keeps dementia at bay, and reduces the risks of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.

Increased performance

This is a very common one. Black coffee increases your adrenaline levels which prepares the body for intense physical exertion.

Better Liver & Heart

It helps prevent liver cancer, hepatitis, fatty liver disease, and alcoholic cirrhosis by lowering the level of harmful liver enzymes in the blood.

Furthermore, drinking regular black coffee lowers blood pressure assuring a better cardiovascular body.


The psychoactive stimulant in coffee could improve energy, mood, cognitive functioning and thus makes you smart over a period.

Stomach cleaning

Being a diuretic and laxative beverage, it flushes out all the toxins and bacteria from your body quite efficiently.

Weight loss

As mentioned beforehand, it boosts metabolism by approximately 50 percent and burns fat helping in losing weight.

Keep Diabetes and Gout at bay

Black coffee contains Vitamin B2, B3, B5, Manganese, potassium, and magnesium which helps to reduce the risk of diabetes in older ages.

At the same time, it decreases the level of insulin and uric acid in the body relieving the gout symptoms.

Reduce Cancer Risk

Coffee helps to prevent certain types of cancer such as liver, breast, colon, and rectal cancer. It reduces inflammation simultaneously which is one of the main reasons behind the development of tumors.

Mental health

It helps you age gracefully as it releases dopamine which keeps you happier. It also stimulates the central nervous system (CNS) to release serotonin and noradrenaline, important neurotransmitters that elevate the mood and reduces stress and depression.

Hair, Teeth, and Skincare

By destroying carcinogenic cells and fighting against basal cell carcinoma, malignant melanoma, and plaque-causing bacteria, it gives you shinier hair, glowing skin, and brighter teeth.

Prevent Sclerosis, Retinal damage, and makes DNA strong

Since coffee stimulates the CNS and is filled with chlorogenic acid, it improves the white blood cell, establishing better DNA, averting multiple sclerosis and eye problems.

Avert Gallstones, Radiation damage

As the name suggests, black coffee can influence gallbladder contraction keeping gallstones from forming and dilute radiation damages.

Eliminate Fatigue and Hangover

One of the most applied benefits of coffee is that it can energize your body and oxidize the acetaldehyde from alcohol, helping your get over your hangovers.

Since we’ve covered the good sides of coffee, it’s only fair we take a look at the limitations. Coffee is infamous for causing insomnia and restlessness and it may cause critical complications if you’re pregnant.

It can also cause spinal bone loss, interact with your medications. Increase headache, anxiety, and blood pressure for some people.


It’s addictive, enhances the chance of bedwetting in kids, and sometimes bad quality beans can prove to be quite toxic as well. Heartburns and digestive system disturbances are some other less common effects that coffee can have on individuals.

Many physicians recommend black coffee, nowadays, as part of a healthy lifestyle and the discussion above only emphasizes that. So, if you’re a fan of the joyous drinks or thinking about starting a coffee-diet, make sure you enjoy it responsibly and have a blast.

Every coin has its two sides and coffee are no different. It’s quite effective in its laxative nature and helps you in various ways as long as you don’t have a prevailing condition for Why Does Coffee Make You Poop?. Are you ready for that? I hope so, Thanks. If you have any recommendations for this post please comment we can improve our post.

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